We spent a blessed time traveling to stay with family and friends Summer 2019! The last leg of our trip was spent in London. Though I had a quick connecting flight in London once before, we had never explored the area! The planner that I am, we had our trip lined up for the duration, […]

We took the train from Whitby, England to Edinburgh, Scotland. Our friend who we traveled with loves first class, so we bit the bullet and paid more for train tickets. The ocean/coastal views were only 10 minutes of the entire trip and first class was actually the LAST leg of the trip, though we paid […]

A quick flight from Frankfurt, Germany to Manchester, England to meet up with our best long-time friend, Paul, to stay with his Aunt & Uncle, Les and Leslie, in Kirkhammerton! (BTW – Ticket was $116.60 one way, purchased through Expedia. Flew with Lufthansa, free checked & free carry-on.) A two hour drive from Manchester took […]

Our travel began in June 2019 from the West Palm Beach TriRail to Miami, Florida. Pros on TriRail. Cheap ($6.90 each). Cons are you may encounter a guy that didn’t pay and ranted during the whole ride that he wasn’t getting off that train. So, you get what you pay for. It was an experience, […]

Sharing about my mission journey to Kenya, Africa and tips that may help you if you travel in this region. We first arrived in Nairobi and as a newbie to Africa, we were approached by many different people wanting to help us with driving us to our destination and with our luggage! You have to […]

We had the great opportunity to fly out to Portland, Oregon and rent an Airbnb on the Oregon Coast.  It was a chance to spend time with our 2nd son and his family.  Little did we know how absolutely breathtaking this part of the United States would be! We stayed in a reasonably-priced beach condo […]