The Oregon Coast!

We had the great opportunity to fly out to Portland, Oregon and rent an Airbnb on the Oregon Coast.  It was a chance to spend time with our 2nd son and his family.  Little did we know how absolutely breathtaking this part of the United States would be!

We stayed in a reasonably-priced beach condo in Rockaway Beach, out of season, so our prices were very good.  It WAS cold and rainy much of the time, but we found that we had a blast! The condo came with a fireplace, so we enjoyed the experience even more!

Because we stayed in the smaller community of Rockaway, prices were better, but it’s important to note that we were limited on choice of restaurants and grocery stores.  However, Rockaway is in the perfect location of being only 20-40 minutes North of the some of the most beautiful places on the Oregon Coast!

Cold weather didn’t stop the kids, as we discovered another Oregon Beach!
Some views along the Oregon Coast!

Just driving on the Pacific Coast Highway, be prepared to make many stops at the many viewing stops that Oregon made available, to be able to take photographs or just stop and enjoy the view!  While driving, we happened upon a herd of elk right by the road; another picture-perfect moment!

Oswald West State Park, Oregon

Our first stop was Oswald West State Park.  We had our little grandchildren (ages 2 & 4) with us, so our hikes were shorter but we enjoyed a beautiful hike to Short Sand Beach.  This beach was absolutely gorgeous and a perfect place to search for agate rocks, if you happened to be there at low tide!

The hike from Short Sands Beach, Oregon
Short Sands Beach, Oregon

Our next day, we parked at Hug Point State Recreation Beach.  This was a lovely place where we brought a picnic lunch to enjoy with our grandkids.  They had a blast, searching for rocks and just enjoying being in the beautiful sunlight that came out!

Unprepared and without rain gear, we went to the Dollar Store and spent $20 on umbrellas & plastic rain gear! Nothing stopped us from our hike and it ended up being a beautiful day!
Even a two year old can enjoy a cold day and brisk hike to the Oregon Beach!
Hug Point State Recreation Beach, Oregon

Our last day, we traveled to Cannon Beach, which was a wonderful must-see.  This beach took more effort to get to because it is a popular tourist attraction.  At low tide you may be able to see tide pools.  Bring a kite, shovel and buckets for the little ones to enjoy!  The whole experience was incredible!

Cannon Beach, Oregon

After spending such a wonderful family time together, we determined we will make a trip back in several years with the WHOLE family!

A few things to be aware of when traveling on the Oregon Coast.  Certain areas are considered tsunami risk areas and certainly this region of the United States is at risk for earthquakes.  Always have an escape route planned.  Some areas are out of the risk-area for tsunamis, so that is also an option.

If you ever get a chance to plan a trip to somewhere absolutely gorgeous and magical, the Oregon Coast is a win!  We will be back!

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