About Us

We are Rick and Natalie, a 50-60’s year old couple, with 4 adult children and 4 grandchildren now, ages 6 and under. Rick has been a Pastor/Worship Minister and musician for most of his life, while Natalie has dabbled in many different things, including photography, book editing, laboratory technology and volunteer work with Samaritan’s Purse (a humanitarian organization helping in world disasters). As our children have grown, we wanted to keep our interests up. We wanted to increase our travel experiences, our volunteer work and to not stop dreaming! And we want to do them together, as time allows!

We have managed to do some incredible travel and not spend a fortune! Most of our trips start with alot of research.. and then buying airlines tickets on a late night or Tuesday night (it tends to be cheaper!). We just find ways to get our tickets much more inexpensively and sometimes use credit card miles to bring that cost down further. We’ve also been blessed to stay with friends and family in some instances. We hope if you desire to travel in some of the same places we have been, that reading our blog will inspire and encourage you to visit some of the places we’ve been privileged to enjoy! It is NEVER, EVER too late to dream and DO.

We believe everything STARTS with a dream & prayer, and that it’s never too late to do the seemingly impossible. Enjoy our blog! We hope that you will keep dreaming and make your dreams comes true, as you read about our trips, travel tips, adventure-finding and products that have helped us in our journeys!

About GeoJourney